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2010-04-18 05:09:56 by HoppyHarrington

That reminds me, I still need to work on finishing my Klaus Nomi music video.


2010-04-18 04:57:00 by HoppyHarrington

Finally I'm getting some of my NGE video done, kinda anyways... I'm actually putting some effort into it, though it probably won't ever be finished. Maybe within in a year or two. ;p

The Blob has been set back, it may take another week or so to complete, sorry if I have somewhat of a life... If we can call it that.

That's what you get for not being a famous online celebrity...

Doodling NGE

2009-11-19 00:11:14 by HoppyHarrington

I've been messing around with some NGE images in macromedia flash 8 and I have an idea about what to do...

Funny but not really...

2009-11-18 02:06:32 by HoppyHarrington

I always start out thinking I will make a great hentai or something but I keep on betraying myself somewhere in the process. I've deleted my 7of9 parody and my Sakura hentai. I guess I just get bored and don't wanna finish them....

7 of 9 Hentai

2009-08-30 13:38:06 by HoppyHarrington

I know I haven't been doing much over the last month so I am here to say I'm starting my work on a
7 of 9 Star Trek hentai for my friend Roe.


2009-08-15 23:36:02 by HoppyHarrington

Yes I'm still alive!

I am going to Mattison's Riverside Twin Dolpin tomorrow, I wonder if they still have philly cheese steaks, because those are classy enough for fancy restaurants like that am I right?


2009-07-27 12:49:03 by HoppyHarrington

I just got my shirt and stickers, I'm the happiest kid on the block now!